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4 Reasons Why Pre-Hospital Care Colorado Springs CO Makes a Difference

When as hospital stay is pending, it’s often advised to undergo a period of preparation. That’s especially true for people who already require some degree of assistance. The process of pre-hospital care Colorado Springs CO can make things easier for the patient and improve the odds of a successful outcome for the hospital stay. Here are some of the reasons why this type of care should be considered.


Basic Care in Anticipation of Entering the Hospital

Depending on the reason for the upcoming hospital stay, getting plenty of rest ahead of time may be a good idea. In the days ahead, making sure the patient has a caregiver to ensure a proper diet is followed and all instructions from the doctor are observed helps to prepare for that stay. Thanks to the care, the patient can be at his or her best when the day comes to go to the hospital.


Depending on the ability of the patient, some help may be needed with things like deciding what clothing to take, making sure to observe healthy personal hygiene, and taking care of any details that may need attention before entering the hospital. Support from a caregiver can ensure all of these things happen.


Safely Reducing Medications That Must Be Stopped Before a Procedure

Assuming the patient is entering the hospital for a procedure, there may be the need to wean off certain medications in the days before the stay begins. This is often the case with medications that thin the blood or have sedative effects. The goal is to ensure those effects don’t increase the risks associated with the surgery.


This is another area where the caregiver can help with the preparation. Following a schedule provided by the doctor, it’s possible to gradually reduce the dosage of any medication that needs to be out of the patient’s system before the procedure. This same pattern can be followed in weaning off any over the counter products that should be discontinued prior to the surgery.


Rapid Transport If the Patient Suddenly Worsens

The expectation is that the patient will remain stable in the days leading up to the hospital stay. Unfortunately, that’s not always the ways things work out. If the patient does begin to have severe difficulties, it may be necessary to receive emergency care. If there’s a caregiver already on the scene to help with the pre-hospital care Colorado Springs CO, calling for help will be all the easier.


In this scenario, the patient can be transported to the hospital and hopefully stabilized. That allows the preparation for the upcoming procedure to continue, although it will now take place under the care of the hospital staff.


Counseling That Helps Prepare for the Hospital Stay

There’s another element to pre-hospital care that is sometimes overlooked. It’s not unusual for a patient to be anxious about any type of surgical procedure. Even one that’s known to carry a minimum of risk may trigger anxiety in a patient. If so, counseling in the days leading up to the hospital stay is a good idea.


With help from a counselor, the patient has the chance to work through the fears, regain some balance about what could and could not happen, and be in a better place emotionally when it’s time to make the trek to the hospital. Given the fact that emotional states can impact health, this is an important part of the advance care process.


If you or a loved one is facing a trip to the hospital for any reason, consider the benefits associated with advance care. What happens before entering the hospital can make a difference once you arrive and begin to receive the treatment recommended by your medical team.

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