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Book Hair Smoothing Treatment by Zoylee

For a lot of people, shiny and silky hair is the epitome of a stylish and healthy hair look. Therefore, many consumers opt for hair smoothing treatments to temporarily get silky tresses. Indeed, this process is effective for clearing out frizzy and dried out hair fibres and making them appear smooth in texture.

When you are searching for “smoothing treatment for hair near me”, it is important that you verify the service quality of the options you find. Also, take note of your original hair condition. Thereafter, you can select the best hair smoothing treatment from high-quality professionals and get healthy hair.

Types of hair smoothing services available at salons

Salon professionals offer different types of hair smoothing treatments. While Brazilian and Keratin treatments are the most notable types of this service, many clients opt for the other options, too.

1.     Keratin treatment

Keratin hair treatment is one of the most popular forms of hair smoothing services available in salons. This mainly involves the usage of formaldehyde solution. The noticeable benefits of this treatment include a boost in sleekness, shine, and strength of the hair follicles.

Mainly, professionals add the formaldehyde solution to a client’s tresses and then straightens it with a flat iron. This, in turn, causes a breakdown of the hydrogen bonds available in the natural Keratin (a type of protein) hair molecules.

Thereafter, the Keratin filaments lose their normal alignment. Later, when the professional hairstylist would use the heating tool, your hair would appear shinier and smoother.

2.     Brazilian blowout

Brazilian blowout is another common version of hair smoothing treatment. Mostly, salon experts choose between the older formula with high formaldehyde content and the newer version without it. To note, many of the salon experts utilize newer formulae that contain a less toxic variation of the chemical component.

Typically, people with processed and damaged hair find this version of hair smoothing service effective. It adds volume to the hair; therefore, people get a wavy texture than pin-straight.

3.     Cysteine Treatment

This treatment is comparatively new in the hair care industry but does ensure high-quality smooth hair results. Here, the solution involves cysteine (a type of amino acid) to make the hair appear straighter. Plus, it boosts internal hair fibre strength.

The common benefits here include hair damage protection, more shine, and reduced hair frizz.

4.     Straightening

To note, this alternative service is useful for creating straight and soft locks. However, the effects are temporary. Here, professionals utilize a heat protectant spray over the hair fibres and then take a flat iron to smoothen them.

5.     Japanese straightening

For clients who choose the Japanese straightening treatment, it is important to confer with a hair care specialist first. Since this solution largely has a chemical base, someone with a chemical allergy should avoid this option. This is the same for patients with serious health conditions and hair loss problems.

6.     Conventional relaxers

Salon professionals do this treatment for clients who want smoother frizz-free hair. Typically, people with slight natural curls or waves benefit from this version. To note, people with sensitive scalp conditions should use relaxers with calcium hydroxide or guanidine hydroxide content.

7.     Cream-based solutions

Many hairstylists apply hair smoothening cream after regular hair wash and blow-dry. Here, implementing the solution and leaving it on for approximately 30 minutes is suitable.

To note, these creams should contain specific ingredients to ensure the best quality results. Examples include Vitamin B5, Vitamin E, Biotin, Amino acids, avocado oil, and Moroccan argan oil.

Types of hair smoothing treatments with homemade options experts recommend

Some people use do-it-yourself hair smoothing treatments, preparing them with natural ingredients at home. The most common homemade solutions include the following.

1.     Banana masks

Bananas have many positive benefits on hair. The fruit is full of vitamins, natural oils, potassium, and carbohydrates, all of which are good for hair health.

Here, experts suggest people prepare a hair mask with banana, curd, and olive oil, and put it on the hair. Leave it for 20 minutes and then wash the solution off using a mild shampoo.

2.     Hot oil treatment

Different types of oils like jojoba, castor, almond, olive, and coconut work for natural hair smoothening. Warm the oil type of your choice for 1-2 minutes and apply generously to the hair and scalp. Massage the oil properly to improve scalp blood circulation.

3.     Mayonnaise masks

Mayonnaise works as a natural antioxidant with its high amino acid content. For the best hair smoothing solution, you should add 2 teaspoons full of mashed avocado to a cup of mayonnaise. Mix them together and apply the blend to your hair. Leave for an hour and then wash it off.

Advantages of booking hair smoothing treatment

People opt for smoothing treatment for hair because of multiple reasons. The benefits of using this treatment are as follows.

●      Helps condition the hair from the roots

People who get Keratin treatment for their hair notice better conditioning of their hair follicles. Thereafter, they get softer, shinier, and frizz-free hair. The Keratin solutions improve the cuticle condition and make it smoother with its high protein content.

Thus, moisture balance is better in the hair and you would notice less static as well.

●      Long-lasting effects for at least 3-5 months

Different types of hair smoothing treatments last for varying periods, like the Brazilian blowout that lasts for 3 months. Yet, Keratin smoothing treatment can last longer; approximately 3-5 months.

●      Gives time for the hair proteins to improve with time

The chemical formula in the Keratin solutions seals the cuticles. Thus, people notice less hair breakage, better flexible hair strands, and minimal hair damage and split ends. Plus, the protein boost in the follicles ensures heat protection as well.

●      Notice zero demarcation line when the hair grows

To note, hair smoothing treatments like the Keratin option only fix the cuticles. So, after getting a hair smoothing service, you would not notice any demarcation line.

●      Helps control the curly appearance

A lot of people with naturally curly hair opt for smoothing services as well. While some of them prefer to straighten their hair, others want to keep their curls but enhance the softness and flexibility.

In both concerns, hair smoothing treatments are useful, especially as the client goes for multiple sessions.

●      Composed of less harmful chemicals

The hair smoothing treatments do not possess the same composition. Some of them have harsher chemicals and fumes, which can affect the overall condition of the hair after multiple turns.

However, a lot of the Keratin treatments work without any harsh substances and thus, are safe for hair.

How should you book your slot via Zoylee for a hair smoothing treatment?

One of the easiest and most efficient manners of booking a hair smoothing appointment is using the Online salon booking app, Zoylee. The first step is to download the application and then register for an account. Next, sort as per your location the best salons available in your vicinity.

Then, look for services and compare different ratings, reviews, and prices to choose a suitable option. Select one, add the date and timing for the appointment, and complete the payment. Here, Zoylee offers many discounts and deals for clients, as well. Thereafter, confirm the slot booking.


Overall, there are different types of hair smoothing options you can take up. For the best results, relying on certified experts is a safer plan. So, it is important for you to research different options, read reviews, study their services, and then choose the best prospect.


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