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Design Techniques to Improve Sales of Products That Are Difficult to Sell

Design Techniques to Improve Sales of Products That Are Difficult to Sell

People have a lot of different reasons for not buying products. One of the most common is that they don’t think it’s worth their money. Packaging plays a vital role in this, and there are many ways to package your product to increase sales. For example, packaging can help you sell more difficult products like cigarettes, pre-rolls, or alcohol. In addition, you can use things like cardboard boxes or custom pre roll packaging.

Let us discuss some of the products that are pretty hard to sell.

The First Hard to Sell Product:

The first product that is difficult to sell is pre-rolls. The packaging technique for these products is cardboard boxes. Packaging should have a small window so consumers can see the inside of the package. Seal your packaging properly to avoid tempering and resealed for someone else’s use.

Packages could also be pre-labeled with the price and even have a bar code so that they can quickly scan them. Finally, the container should make it clear which variety/brand is inside for ease of identification. Packaging design techniques will help sell more difficult products like cigarettes, pre-rolls, or alcohol.

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The Second Hard to Sell Product:

The second product that is difficult to sell is clothing with pictures or words on it, like “I love Reggae Music.” This type of clothing has limited appeal because people may not share the same interests as you, resulting in decreased sales.

Packaging design techniques for this product use different colors or patterns than what we typically see on clothes; however, this might make them more expensive because some retailers cannot invest out of their budget. Packaging design techniques for this product would also be to put the clothing on a hanger and not just in a bag, which helps it look more expensive.

The Third Hard to Sell Product:

Paper plates or plastic cups are the third type of difficult-to-sell product. Packaging design techniques are using colors and patterns, so they look beautiful. Packaging design techniques for this product would also be to place it in a box with other items that are not related, so they seem like “a deal.” You must select a perfect and sleek design to improve the looks of your product.

Forth Hard to Sell Products:

The final type of difficult-to-sell product is electronics, which are rarely seen on the shelves. Packaging design techniques for this product include making them look more expensive by using extraordinary packaging material. Premium packaging plays a remarkable role in the sales of a product. Packaging design techniques for this product would also make them seem like a special offer with other products.

Let us discuss some design techniques to improve sales of your products.

Design Techniques to Improve Sales:

Packaging design is an integral part of any business, especially in difficult-to-sell products that are not popular or big sellers. Some packaging design techniques involve adding creative aspects and colors to attract customer’s attention more than other products on shelves.

Use of Inner Section:

Your product packaging may look sleepy and simply. However, you can give your buyers an improved unboxing experience. Using inner design techniques can also improve brand awareness.

The design of retail packaging is a tricky task. Sometimes it’s easy to get lost in the intricacies and forget about uniformity, elegance, and consistency over time. Brands are open to change, but the same theme always needs to stay. Keep this in mind when making changes.

Brands need to make sure that all of their messages match. They need to ensure that they don’t say anything different on the inside or outside packages and when they write text for marketing materials. This way, people will remember your brand.

Attractive Outer Wrapping:

When a customer buys your product, they first see the package. Therefore, if you want people to buy your product, you should pack well. Packaging also includes the outside of the box or pallet that holds your product for retail purposes.

Designers know this because they want to make sure that their customers enjoy the shopping experience. They do this by ensuring that people have a good time looking at the packaging and when they buy it.

Never Downgrade Your Material Quality:

The best designs are not the ones you can see but rather the ones that have a lasting effect on your emotions. If people love what they buy and it makes them happy, then at least some of those feelings must be coming from how their brain processes visual information like color contrast or shape recognition.

So just as important is considering colors and shapes to make sure consumers will appreciate what they’re buying for years to come, even after they’ve forgotten who designed it in the first place. A good designer will make every design fulfill its purpose. They will do this by making it so that people can enjoy the way the final product tastes, or they might use pictures of animals to help us protect them.

Importance of Packaging Design Techniques:

Packaging design is the process of designing packages for products. We can call it retail or package engineering. Containers are often required by law and necessary to present a product to appeal to its desired customers.

Packages can have several functions, including providing protection from damages or creating an impressive look to the product. We can build packaging from various materials, including paperboard, corrugated fiberboard (CFC), aluminum, glass, and plastic. Packages are often cleverly designed to meet specific needs, such as easy storage or presenting fresh food in the most flavorful way possible.


The design techniques we’ve discussed today should help you improve your sales of products that are difficult to sell. We hope these tips have been helpful, and you can now feel more confident in the sale process with a little bit of creativity!

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