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Everything to know about CTW of Diamond Jewellery

Everything to know about CTW of Diamond Jewellery

As you shop for diamond pieces of jewellery, you will come across many abbreviations and symbols. For a customer, it gets tricky to understand all these factors but it is crucial to know these to get the best value for your money. One such abbreviation is the CTW. It can mean a variety of things but in terms of jewellery, CTW means Carat Total Weight. It is the same as Total Carat Weight which is popularly used. It is usually stamped in three letters on the jewellery which helps jewellers identify the gemstone’s weight easily.

What is CTW?

CTW or Carat Total Weight refers to diamonds or gemstones. It refers to the total weight of all the gemstones on your jewellery piece. This unit is widely recognized by diamond and gemstone jewellers globally and recognized by the Gemmological Institute of America as a standard measure for weight.

Let us take an example of Women’s diamond wedding rings. The ring has multiple diamonds in the design and one is a large central piece. The CTW will be the sum of the carat weight of all the diamonds on the ring. The letters CTW and the number denoting the weight are stamped on the jewellery piece by most jewellers.

Why CTW is important?

Marking the CTW is very important for all types of jewellery. This is because determining the actual weight of the stone after it is set in the jewellery is very tricky. The CTW help to identify the weight of all the diamonds for any jewellers whether they are the makers or not. In the future, if you are about the sell the jewellery, the CTW is very useful to the buyer to determine the estimated price of the jewellery.

Other abbreviates associated with CTW

Apart from the CTW, there are several relevant abbreviations associated with the jewellery business. Here are a few of the abbreviations which you must know alongside CTW to choose the right jewellery for your big day:

CTTW: This refers to the total weight of all the diamonds on the jewellery piece.

CT/ct: This means the carat of the diamond.

A: This is the abbreviation used to refer to the approximate carat weight of the jewellery. Many jewellers use this abbreviation when they are cannot provide the exact weight of the diamond or unable to measure the exact weight.

G: This refers to the guaranteed diamond weight. This is usually at least 1 point less than the weight of the diamond that is sold. For example, if you have a 1-carat 3-stone ring whose guaranteed diamond weight is 1.00 then the weight of the diamond will be 1.01 CTW.

Usually, when you have a piece of diamond jewellery which comprises multiple stones, the CTW becomes important. Diamond jewellery is a major investment hence, it is crucial to choose the diamond keeping all such metrics in mind.

The top Hatton Garden Jewellers will have very clear information regarding the CTW along with the jewellery. It is wiser to shop for diamonds from such reputed jewellers so that you get the best value for your money. The CTW is a prime determinant regarding the quality of your diamond jewellery and hence you should understand the concept well before you shop.


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