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Five Potential Signs That It’s Time To Replace Your Roof

The main purpose of a roof is to protect the people and their belongings. Other important functions that the roof does is the insulation and weather protection.

 Usually, we don’t check it on a daily basis, so it becomes difficult to point out the damage in it. Sometimes, it reaches a certain age where it gets worn without any serious failure.

What you can do to avoid serious damage is to inspect the roof twice a year. Finding out the signs earlier will help you to take time and make a decision for the cost-effective replacement of your roof. 

Also check Wire leaf.

 Finding moss on the roof

Checking your roof from the outside might help you to find out if there is any mold and moss growing. Ignoring this will let the tiles fall apart which will create water damage.

You should deal with this sign as soon as possible; if you don’t take notice, the constant growth of bacteria and fungi will become a problematic sign to replace the roof.


The main reason that causes serious damage to the roofing system is a sag or saddleback. Finding it in the middle of the roof can be a warning sign and ignoring it might let your roof collapse.

Ensuring that the material used to protect your tiles is made of high quality and installed properly can help you to prevent sagging. Otherwise, if you notice any distorted or curled areas on tiles you should go for an urgent inspection of the roof.

Noticing mortars occasionally 

The main use of mortars is for the bedding junctions, for example, ridges and verges. Materials used for this have a short lifespan. Because of the extreme weather conditions, the ridges, and verges are highly susceptible.

Before causing yourself any harm, the first thing you can do is to check it frequently. You should always keep in mind that the mortars are better replaced than repaired when you have an older roof.  

In this case, an immediate action of replacement of the roof will save the money that you wish to spend on the repair.

Observing cracked asphalt shingles

Asphalt shingles or granules that look like sand are the material used on top of your tiles to protect them. Checking your gutters will help you to find out the pieces of granules if they fall from the tiles.

Take it as a warning sign if you find an increase in the number of pieces. 

Spotting light coming through your roof

You should make a habit to check your roof in daylight while switching off all the lights in upper rooms. This will make you sure that the roof doesn’t have any cracks and holes. 

If it does pass the light then you should not avoid this sign and start looking for the roofing contractor to replace the roof.

Signs of passing the light could be mistaken by many but the best time to observe it is at sunset.

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