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Lookah Seahorse Pro Glass Accessories

Lookah Seahorse Pro glass mouthpiece is no longer available. Please select from the two available packs of two or the five available packs of five. Lookah Seahorse Pro glass accessories tubes are mouthpiece replacements that are designed only for use with that specific model. If the glass mouthpiece on your Seahorse Pro breaks or cracks accidentally, you’ll need the following components to replace it.

Uses of mouthpieces:

Using isopropyl alcohol, a tissue, cloth, or q-tip, these glass mouthpieces may easily be cleaned and maintained. Any scent remains unchanged because glass is non-porous and thus does not release any odor. Dishes made from materials like wood or metal have a unique flavor that some diners may not like at all. To keep the taste of the seahorse pro, we use glass rather than plastic. In each set.

Two mouthpieces

there are two mouthpieces, each measuring 78mm by 16mm on the outside and 7mm on the inside, with an internal diameter varying from 7mm to 12mm on the wide side (for vaping). The product selections will allow you to choose between a Pack of 2 or a Pack of 5.

Glass products:

These products are strongly linked to the success of cigarettes and their sales are on the rise. Because of the magnitude of the tobacco accessory industry, convenience shops may earn handsomely from the sale of lighters, rolling papers, and other products, with profit margins reaching from 40 to 50 percent in certain cases. More importantly, despite a decline in the number of individuals smoking cigarettes, sales have remained constant over the past decade. Private-label lighters and other accessories have done very well in the convenience store channel during the last several years.

There was a 0.96 percent increase in sales over the previous year, according to IRI data for the 52 weeks ending March 19, 2017, for tobacco accessories sold at convenience shops. Tobacco accessories include anything from lighters to cigarette rolling machines to humidors to pipes and pipe cleaning equipment to tobacco pouches and rolling sheets.


Convenience stores that offer tobacco accessories make money from cigarette sales. Rolling papers may be more in demand if cigarette sales are down. In contrast to heavier goods, sales of lighter items, which are by far the most popular category, are often on the decrease. According to current trends, many consumers are reverting to purchasing patterns more in line with those of earlier years, when premiumization and volume sales were on the decrease. Cigarette sales are expected to decline in 2017, according to industry analysts, culminating in a 7% decrease in overall sales in 2017. Although the causes for the slowdown are many, one common one is the growing acceptance of local and state cigarette restrictions. Tobacco taxes in California were raised by $2 a pack last year, an increase of $2 over the previous year.

Department of Defense

Tobacco regulations apply not just at the state but also the federal level. Because of a 2016 Department of Defense (DoD) regulation adopted as part of a broader effort to discourage cigarette usage, tobacco customers in some states are seeing substantial price increases at military stores.

The federal government mandates that military exchanges, commissaries, and other resale stores on installations cannot charge customers less for cigarettes than the lowest price accessible to civilians. Even while local and state taxes are usually included in the price of civilian tobacco when comparing, this is not the case right now. This tax is already included in the manufacturer’s price, so military personnel doesn’t have to worry about it. Increased tobacco costs will affect every tobacco product in the military, according to Gregory Moore, senior tobacco buyer for AAFES. A decline in military cigarette use and new DoD pricing policy changes are Moore’s two most pressing threats for 2017: “the category of accessories,” according to Moore. Customers would be able to buy accessories at the same place they buy tobacco, thus the demand for accessories will fall along with tobacco sales.

AAFES shops

According to the Defense Department, there are 700 AAFES shops, including Exchange Express convenience stores, on US military facilities throughout the world. Tobacco sales at AAFES are expected to be much lower this year than they were last year. Tobacco accessory sales are expected to fall in lockstep with cigarette sales, according to Moore. As a result, sales will be down 7% for the 2017 fiscal year.” –


As the tobacco industry struggles with an onslaught of issues, a shifting business sector may have a positive impact on the sales of tobacco accessories. As pockets of customers help the market development in areas like California, Colorado, and Maine, customers there may help the industry flourish. Recent results from an independent study, conducted by VMR Products, a vapor technology firm, looked at cannabis consumers’ views of how the Obama and Trump administrations have impacted and will continue to influence cannabis legalization in the United States.

Best way to regulate marijuana

Seventy percent of those who were asked about the best way to regulate marijuana in the that the country should legalize it across the board and regulate it the same way alcohol and cigarettes are. More than a quarter (28 percent) think the issue should be addressed on a state-by-state basis rather than a national one.

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