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Useful Tips For LEED Green Associate Exam Prep

The world keeps going greener with every passing day. Today, people seeking to give out certain jobs that pertain to energy use are seeking professionals who know how to do a good job while keeping the environment safe as well. In fact the number of LEED professionals as at 2018 was already above 200,000 and the number just keeps climbing. If you are looking to join the team of elite LEED certified experts out there, then you would have to sit and pass the LEED Green Associate exam. Here are few tips to use for the LEED Green Associate exam prep.

  • The LEED Green Associate candidate handbook is a good place to start your reading. Pay special attention to the part where they tell you the areas to focus on for the exam for it’s no joke.
  • Source out as many study materials as you can. You can always find a wealth of study material for LEED GA exam prep online. Read and digest a wide range of discourse about the course before exam day.
  • You will need to memorize some parts of your reading materials. The exam might test you on certain exact standards, measurements or entities. For instance, you should be able to list all the prerequisites of LEED for new construction and state the intent for each without any help. You could also be asked anything from the table that shows a variety of CFCs, HCFCs, HFCs, and natural refrigerants, so don’t forget to memorize the entire table as well.
  • Start early. Seeing as there’s a lot of studying involved in LEED GA exam prep, its best you start your reading as early as possible. This gives you time to go through your study materials at least more than once thus increasing your overall understanding of key aspects.
  • Find a study system that works for you. Chances are that even as you prepare for your exam, you already have a job that takes up much of your time. It is thus important that you figure out which part of the day your mind feels fresh and free enough to at least devote some time to your exam prep. Also, determine which mode of studying works best for you – do you retain information better when it is being spoken or are you the type that remembers better when you study and jot along? These are things to consider in your preparation.
  • Take a practice Some people begin to quiz themselves on what they have read as soon as they have been able to go over the materials just once. Some others wait until they feel they digested as much as they can from the materials. Whichever way you choose to follow, just ensure that you take as many practice test as possible. These tests prepare you for likely questions that might come up in the exam. As you take the tests, take note of the questions you got wrong and study up on them again.

The journey to being a LEED Green Associate does require some measure of hard work, but at the end of it all, you’ll find out that it was well worth it.



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