Home BUSINESS Want to know how to find Products for Amazon?

Want to know how to find Products for Amazon?

Want to know how to find Products for Amazon?

The main question which is asked by the new or prospective Amazon sellers is what to sell on Amazon. This question should be rephrased to get the best answer and the rephrasing should be like what not to sell on Amazon. The second question creates a few more questions and then the answer for the first question could be traced easily. Also check lovacki nozevi fiksni

Such questions have two different scenarios in terms of finding the best answer. First is if you are a real-time buyer on Amazon and have purchased from Amazon in past. This will lead you to the best answer of what you or your surrounding buyers dreamed of a product and still not getting that product. This is the best answer for the above question as a number of other buyers might be in the same situation and are dreaming of a needed product.

Second is the situation where you are not a real-time buyer and still want to sell something on Amazon with any of its markets. This might be a bit time taking task to get with the best profitable product which will help you make huge profits with the least investments while getting started as a seller. In case if it is taking much more time than your expectation, then it’s perfectly fine to make an extra delay to get with the best product.

Here is a beginner’s guide which can help you find your product with high returns on investment.

  1. Low Landing Cost– The product should have a low landing cost in the case of the FBA and FBM business models. If a product will have a low landing cost, it’s possible for the seller to sell that product at a selling price of three times the actual landing cost of the product. Such products can provide an average profit equal to or more than the landing cost of the product.
  2. Should have continuous Demand– The product which is to be sold should be in continuous use by the buyers so that after consuming the purchased product, the buyers should purchase the product again and again.
  3. Should have a high and positive Google trend- The Google trend graph shows the search interest of the product by the real-time buyers and the people who make online purchasing most of the time. So, a product to be sold with good figures should have a high or at least medium level of the graph.
  4. High rate of good and positive reviews- The products which you are going to sell should have a good and positive review on the product listing pages and profiles of your competitors selling the same product on Amazon. This means that the products have a good past performance and can be sold on Amazon easily.
  5. Not a seasonal product- The best product is one that is being sold throughout the year without any decrease in demand. A seasonal product, however, isn’t the best choice for a seller willing to get better profits over the year.

Zonbase had hot products lists that are updated each hour which can lead you to the most profitable Amazon products easily.

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